Ben Platt and Amandla Stenberg Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones

Опубліковано 2 вер 2021
Dear Evan Hansen stars Ben Platt and Amandla Stenberg have two simple choices in this Hot Ones spinoff: Tell the truth, or suffer the wrath of the Last Dab. Watch as Sean Evans drills the on-screen duo-whose film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen is set to release in theaters on September 24-about everything from nightmare auditions, to the most overrated musicals of all time.







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  • Which duos do you want to see play Truth or Dab?

    • Not really a duo but i would love to se Jeremy clarkson Richard hammond and James may

    • 50 Cent and JaRule

    • @the guy who's right yesss

    • sebastian stan and anthony mackie

    • Trixie and Katya!

  • She's gorgeous

  • Hi

  • Amandla always have the best hairstyles

  • I loved this

  • I need to try all of these damn wings.

  • Stop this is one I’m so exited for

  • Amandla was my sister in my past life 😭❤️I don't care what Y'all say😂

  • ben platt is the most adorable human being ever

    • he stands with Israel :/ so sad

  • Amandla LOL

  • Amandla was too confident and then she got hit by the slow burn. LOL

  • Those hairy arm pits though

  • One word: Armpits

  • I had no idea who Ben Platt and Amanda Stenberg were before watching this.

  • Lovely people.

  • I've heard alot of dumbass names that parents have made up for their kids but amandla def takes the cake... ben platt also looks like lil dicky if he never heard a rap song 😂

    • Not every name is in English, Amandla is a Zulu name

  • i thought that was lil dicky tbh

  • Amandla's realization when Sean said "maybe it will time delay on you" was quite funny!

  • If you don't say the most overrated musical is Cats you're lying.

  • Never heard of either of these two.

  • Put The Game Theorist in the Hot Ones!

  • Just a suggestion, you should hide what sauce it is so they dont know til after they take a bite.its random. And one of them should be da bomb. That would be great

  • Loved the movie!

  • Snore

  • The hottest Thing on that episode was Amandla WHAU

  • amandla should go to the court house and fix her name.

  • entertaining interview once again, loved hearing their responses to both questions and wings.

  • get TimTheTatMan!

  • Not fair Sean, you should have asked Ben a question after he ate the wing like you did Amandla!!!

  • Who are half the people he gets on here anymore lol

  • Who and who?

  • Sean might seriously be the best interviewer available today.

  • You should do a whole episode with Ben

  • Have you ever considered that normal people just want to see the rich, hollywood elite suffer? Thats the basis for your show.

  • Oh my god I always thought her name's Amanda holy 😳

  • First We Feat 'Hot ones' should collaborate food and challenge all the spicy viral food all over the world. They can travel too and more entertaining for the Host and Guest Idol and for the viewers.

  • Poor things

  • Did dicky change he's name?😜

  • I love what Ben said about the critics and how harsh they can be but they have to remember that Movie musicals are a different monster. They require a different handling of material. I don't agree with everyone they change in the adaptions but some are actually really well done like Into The Woods. also on the flip side we could talk a lot about movie turned musical adaptions because a lot of them are trash on the surface, however if you look deeper and understand that the material will be different in some way and you just look at it for what it is you can find some gems. its all the same.

  • the only reason i clicked is because i thought that was lil dicky... the disappointment

  • that's lil dicky i dont care what anyone says. Legit got me

  • beautiful personality that of Amandla Stenberg, is a very charismatic girl

  • She must’ve just finished her Genius Lyrics explanation video before doing this video lol

  • Are they famous?

  • I want Ben's shirt

  • "Amandla" sounds like someone got a typo in their birth certificate. I'm so sorry, but it really sounds like that.

  • Yay! RUE!! And Magic Man!!

  • here is how you it “da bomb”:

  • Worst episode to date. These 2 were lame.

  • I thought it was lil dicky and doja cat

  • Is he hair for a movie?

  • Yooo

  • Bro anyone eles click on this thinking this dude was lil dicky ?

  • I want to hang out with them, they seem so kind and amazing.

  • Lil Dicky and andrew santino mixed

  • I wonder if Amandla knows her name means "power" in the South African languages of Zulu and Xhosa? Here it is pronounced "AhMahnDla" :)

  • Amanda's speaking voice is kinda relaxing.

  • who? are these supposed to be people we know, and care about? ...cuz they are not. i clicked thinking this was little dicky, but no, its just some random nobody. Stick to real guests.

    • @PARADOXICLES I doesn't though but carry on I guess

    • @Un Important true, i am, but whats your point? that has nothing to do with the topic of discussion. My point remains valid.

    • They more famous than you,you're a nobody complaining lmfao

  • Youre telling me that man isnt Lil Dicky

  • Bruh who tf is ben platt i thought it was Lil Dicky . What a clickbait

  • Who tf are these people?

  • Hi school was the hardest time she had in her life. Hmm

  • How does Shawn breath in those pants hahaha. He is taking The definition of tight to a new level. WOW!!

  • I clicked on this because it was a Beautiful woman and a guy that looks like Lil Dicky

  • thought this was Skin Diamond, disappointed tbh

  • Sooo....NOT Lil Dicky....later...

  • Sean i love you but the jeans aren’t it king

  • Sean, love you... stop wearing tight jeans. Thanks.

  • Looking at the thubnail, I thought it was lil dicky and skin diamond the adult film actress.

  • Get Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten to play this game lol

  • Those pits tho..

    • Those pits look hotter than the wiiings tho.. 🤣

  • Thought that was lil dicky

  • That girl ate 1 wing and couldn't talk anymore.

  • Oh they on Broadway....I'm like who these folks

  • No one wants your truth, just eat the wings and let us watch your eyes melt

  • i feel like in order to be famous these days.. you need to either be gay or a really good looking minority.. i feel like talent isnt really a thing anymore..its more about pandering to those previous disenfranchised demographics in order to prevent yourself from being cancelled... basically affirmative action

  • How is this not Lil Dicky? 😲

  • Im just gonna say amandla looks diffrent i still love amandla

  • Sean bring back the hat 🤟🏾🖤

  • That SAT question felt real shady

  • Fun Fact: Ben Platt is just 28 and is only 1 OSCAR away from achieving EGOT !!! Only '16' people have achieved that till date. (EGOT - Winning all Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards)

    • That Emmy is flimsy as hell. Singing a song on the Today Show? They discontinued the category he won for because its a joke to win an Emmy for what boils down to a single promotional appearance on a talk show. Also, his Grammy was awarded to EIGHT different "principal" soloists, seems a bit much. The only Oscar he's winning is if they add the category "Best male performance in a movie adaptation of a theater musical paid for by their dad".

    • Don't let Marc Platt see this, jkjk

  • When only Ben & Amandla showed up I was like, yo where's the bald guy?

  • That was boring...sorry Sean u had to do that one. They were lame, either eat or give an interesting answer.BLAHHH

  • daniel ricciardo nextttt pleaseeee

  • At 7:41 with no hesitation "can't wait to eat this wing" 😂

  • Evan Hansen has arrived!

  • I thought he was lil dickey

  • How about try You Tubers? HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD, In the REAL WORLD. nobody cares about thier priviledge life. So go to the ground. I like your concept. But normal americans dont relate to those bougie pampered d-bags. Look at box office verse views. HOLLYWOOD is a diying art. Like MTV. You know.


  • Sean! You cannot have an excuse to not bring on Matt Stonie now! 😂

  • Get CM Punk on your show!! :D I'd pay to watch him eat spicy wings!

  • Amandla??? I am so interested already.

  • 7:45 Best question ever asked. Nice one Sean

  • Stoked this show is back but idk who tf these people are

  • Dang I wish this was longer haha

  • This format blows

  • I would just like to take a second to talk about how damn sexy Sean looked in those jeans!!!!!!!!

  • You should have jack white on here!

  • Y'all lying that's chick from hungry games 👀👀🤦🏾‍♂️

  • I really appreciate Sean's effort in properly pronouncing Amandla's same..

    • I think he got it right he just said it really fast.