Burger Scholar Sessions is Back! (SEASON 4 TRAILER)

Опубліковано 16 сер 2021
Burger Scholar George Motz won't stop until everyone appreciates the American hamburger. That's right, your favorite burger scholar is back for Season 4! And there's TONS of ground to cover. We've got college-town classics from the Midwest. More weird, one-of-a-kind toppings for your smashburgers (cashews and Fluff!). International icons like the 'wet burger' from Turkey and the 'gravy burger' from Denmark. And a crazy science experiment where George gets to live out one of his ultimate fantasies. To top it all off, we have a special guest this season too: Hot Ones host Sean Evans! Get ready for some heat. Tune in Monday 8/23 @ 11am ET for the Season 4 premiere. LET'S DO THIS!


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  • Like if you think George burns himself this season

    • he has a torch.. it's inevitable

    • Can you please have Twenty one pilots on?

    • get ryan reynolds on this show

    • 10 seconds into the first episode

    • probably in the first minute of the first episode

  • Looks like Steve-O ... wtf...

  • There are few people who love America more than George Motz.

  • if johnny knoxville and wolverine had a child.

  • well im in canada. i love burgers. and i love this show. mmmm. burger. beefy cheesy glory.

  • Get the smashula back in stock George!

  • I've actually been hoping and looking forward to this, that's rare for me to say about UKblow stuff.

  • I think this is probably the best work I've ever seen Michael Keaton do.

  • Epic :D

  • Wow, I thought for sure that was Sean Schemmel

  • That at 0:50 has to be a danish beef sandwich haha

  • I don’t like this guy

  • When do we get the first episode I’m obsessed with burgers this week and have watched every single one 😅😂

  • Hey George, I've been smashing for a year now and want to upgrade from my cast iron flat top, not big enough and awkward on the hobs. What plate is this? Or can anyone else reccomend something similar to what we see in these videos? 🍔🍔🍔🍔

  • Did i just spot the danish traditional bøfsandwich in a burger scholar trailer?! Can't wait

  • Almost like Hendrix

  • ☑️🔥

  • So proudly we watched that our burger was still there

  • Yeah baby!

  • Lmao, imagine referring to yourself as "the Burger Scholar"😂 I almost didn't enjoy the burger because of the amount of cringe

  • Stephen Crowder on hot ones!!

  • Do you have the voice of beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice

  • Worlds coolest

  • George is like a Ted Nugent and Johnny Knoxville doppelganger all in one. I will have to check this show out

  • Oh no. Your poor stomach after eating the last dab Apollo if you thin jalapeños are hot!!!!

  • Please get Eminem on the show🙌🏻John cena, Jason statham, Dwayne Johnson, vin diesel. There’s so many fantastic opportunities.

  • I've been waiting!

  • Why has George never been to hot ones. We need him there

  • Damn I love this channel. “Hot Ones” keeps me connected to entertainment in a more cerebral way, pizza wars is super awesome, burger scholar killing’ it, I could go on…. But right now it’s Burger Scholar!!!

  • 117 dislikes... Who's letting the vegans vote?

  • Good job goku

  • you telling me this ain’t johnny knoxville

  • I like the burger info, but please don't do that guitar sh*t again

  • I can hardly wait

  • Hi! I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jacka... er.. The Burger Show!"


  • I could watch George cook burgers forever :)

  • burgir daddi iz bak !!


  • oh no they gave him a torch hehehee

  • I'll be honest, I kind of got disappointed when I realized this wasn't Sean Schemmel, voice actor for Goku 😩🤣

  • HAHAHAHA his face at the end of the hand farts.... Best ending yet. His book is one book I find it's be worth having.

  • I cant wait for Season 47 and be able show my kids

  • Stoked.

  • Sean Schemmel Cousin?

  • George has the best burger content on UKblow!

  • This is the most American thing i've seen this week

  • I knew it. I saw the gravy on the burger and i just KNEW it. The danish "Bøf sandwich" (Direct translation: Beef sandwich)! I went to the description and sure enough it is. Thank you George for bringing a terrible piece of danish cuisine to the international audience.

  • I beg you, can you please have Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from Twenty one pilots on? Would be absolutley amazing!!

  • Aw hell yeah! I've been wanting Sean to team up with George for a long time, this'll be great

  • I missed George!!

  • Very Nice

  • That's the fastest I've ever liked a youtube video.

  • always get the smashula in lmao

  • @First We feast you should to a collaboration with youtuber Doctor Mike, it would be amazing having him explain medical stuff while eating hot wings.

  • my only criticism is you dont need to advertise or give out trailers for this show, it sells itself!

  • I never got so hyped for UKblow videos in my life.


  • Yeeeeeeesssss!

  • The burger guru returns

  • Hell yes!!!!!!!!!

  • you guys need to get Damon Albarn on hot ones

  • My skillet is ready!

  • Great & mostly just George this season!

  • Yes!!!!!!!

  • This is the best news!!!!

  • First we feast is an empire. They make the best food videos this nation has to offer. Wings and burgers. Yall nice for that

  • I cant wait.

  • Yes! burgertime

  • get mat pat on hot oneshe wants to be there

  • This seems really fun. I hope the algorithm doesn't fuck me over and make me completely miss every new episode like it already does with Hot Ones

  • Awesome sauce!

  • Everybody a burger G till Mr.Motz comes to town

  • Do the spice king next time

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • SMASH THE FUCKING LIKE. Ya boy George is back to educate us on the purest art form - Hamburgers

  • First thing i saw was Jerry Springer with mutton chops!


  • Is that Johnny Knoxville's older Brother?

  • Yay, George is gonna be back!

  • He Kinda looks like an older sean schemmel 👀

  • I thought johnny Knoxville let him self goooooooo lol

  • Zaddy

  • I thought this was Sean Schemmel...lol

  • Jimi Motz

  • Ok this is quite possibly the best advert for a series I’ve ever seen

  • If you like his cooking he has a really great cookbook


  • Cant wait for the wolverine to cook more burgers!

  • Yeah, Sean Evans!

  • How awesome was the spatula on the guitar? Needed that today!

  • Our king has returned.

  • Can't wait!

  • Could you have Jeff Dunham on hot ones?

  • Good luck getting vegans to appreciate the beauty of the burger. No really, good luck. I mean that.

  • have u considered inviting bear grylls to your hot wings?

  • God damn i love this show and George

  • Yes!!!


  • yesssss let's go george! love watching these !