Elijah Wood Tastes the Lava of Mount Doom While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Опубліковано 12 сер 2021
Elijah Wood has been in more than 60 films over the course of his more than 30-year acting career-from Academy Award-winning indies, to one of the highest-grossing box office film franchises of all time in Lord of the Rings. His latest project is No Man of God, which is set to release in theaters and On Demand August 27th. But how is he with spicy food? An impromptu tasting at the Complex offices last year didn't bode well, but now Elijah is back for revenge in the Season 15 finale. Watch as he takes on the wings of death and discusses Lord of the Rings lore, Austin food favorites, and the differences between horror films and video games. Thanks for another great season, spice lords!







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  • He's so good, fearless and entertaining. This was a pleasure to watch.

  • Why is Elijah just the cutest and kindest person ever.

  • What a nice, enthusiastic energy he has. Great guest.

  • I bet they end up being good buds.

  • Not sure if it's sweat on his face or the LAST FUCKING DROPS OF WATER FROM SAM'S FLASK!

  • Y’all better do Harry Styles before I lose it

  • Damn Elijah is a beast!! He killed that, Sean is crying but Elijah is keeping it cool. And he still has such an appreciation for the sauces and even the wings, love him.

  • What a sweet boy

  • He's do damn well spoken and polite!

  • What a beautiful, strange looking man.

  • What a humble man. Long live Frodo. LOTR for life. Best trilogy ever.

  • He scares me.

  • What a fucking legend, Hollywood needs more of Elijah Wood and Keanu Reeves' ilk for sure... Fucking heroes

  • Lord of the ring, destroyer of the chili ring.

  • He’s so freaking adorable!! He’ll never look old.

  • God! Look how red his little face turned!

  • Get Nicholas Cage on Hot Ones!! It would be weird/unpredictable/awesomeness probably lol

  • protect elijah wood at all costs

  • Over the Garden Wall is one of my favourite cartoons. So glad it got a mention.

  • Don't get me wrong, the little sketches when he talks about forced perspective in LotR are adorable but why didn't they include a screenshot of the actual scene itself?

  • the mention of OTGW made my heart soar ahh

    • same for me, i can't wait to watch it again for halloween this year.

  • no one ever talks about The Good Son also i keep wondering if that interviewer has ever has a solid bowel movement.

  • Genuine, real, much authentic man Elijah is!

  • This is one if my favorite episodes! He made Gordon Ramsey look like a wuss! Would love to meet Elijah Wood!

  • Just two guys shootin the shit. Love this show.

  • What a king. He digs right into those wings.

  • Wood after eating the last wing: ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/nX-ezqiuh7fWh6Q.html

  • over the garden wall is one of the best things i've seen

  • For a hobbit he's quite elvish... He's not aging.

  • OMG....Frodo said F*#k...

  • Somehow, farting after a hard fall feels like it's a hobbit thing to me.

  • Wilfred my favorite show

  • This is one of my favorites for sure! Awesome work all around!

  • I love this show

  • Elijah and Gordon are my favorites so far...and I'm hooked! Great show Sean!

  • This guy Will turn 60 and still will look the same.

  • Is he gay I'm just curious lol I'm gay too so I'm trying to see if my gaydar is on point still

  • He was a wing beast, he ate the wing fully, while everyone else would take a lil peck an chunk the rest

  • what a genuine ass dude. never really saw him outside of LOTR/acting in general but damn, i like this dude

  • SKÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅL! Hei fra Norge Elijah! You are a beast, and seems like the sweetest celebrity ever! Cheers to the whole First We Feast team. This was one of the best episodes ever.

  • Elijah is such a good sport

  • Hey Elijah, we love you!

  • Idk of it’s just Sean’s ability to bring out the best in all his guests but I always end up with a new appreciation and likeness for every guests on the show

  • Elijah is remarkably eloquent and nice.

  • Elijah Wood has the same laugh as the Happy Mask Salesman.

  • Elijah is such a unique character, you could watch him for the very first time and he still would feel like your best friend.

  • Is that the guy?

  • hahahah, three fucking days nearly killed me xD

  • Did they get a rough mold of smeagles face on this guy?

  • Did Elijah say "na zdrowie" before the last dab? 😁

  • This guy is so awesome.

  • I like how Da Bomb is the only short bottle in the lineup and like a dwarf, it is the most tough to deal with...

  • What a dude.

  • I was so surprised when he said "Na zdrowie". Cheers, Elijah, greetings from Poland!!😀❤

  • This is gonna suck big-time but continue to eat the whole wing I'm Rollin...I like dis dude

  • Love how wholesome he seems lol even while dropping the f-bomb.

  • This was fun!

  • "When will you wear the wigs?"

  • After Over the Garden Wall I want to see more of Elijah Wood

  • The fact that they didn't talk about his movie "Flipper" makes me so sad! I grew up with that movie. Missed opportunity to talk about his early stuff!! 🐬 Edit: this was an awesome episode either way though, love Elijah. What a cool guy

  • His eyes💖

  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency reinvigorated my love for Elijah Wood.

  • Elijah: Texas has prepared me. 😤

  • "Na Zdrowie" love that he knows Polish

  • He’s remaking the TOXIC AVENGER?!!!!!!

  • North was my 1st movie of his, then flipper.

  • He can really take the heat! Impressed Elijah! What an articulate intelligent gent

  • Frodo ring comment..really?

  • I hope Sean gets a commission from Da Bomb, because he has to the be the #1 reason for their sales in the recent past

  • Great interview, just wish green street hooligans got brought up and if he remembered the gse song along with how it was on set with Charlie hunnam

  • Really excellent episode on both Sides Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • This was shockingly one of the better episodes guy is so much deeper than LOTR

  • Wow huge respect, not only is he a wholesome dude but he SLAYED those wings

  • This is why he was awesome in " Maniac "

  • He did exceedingly well. Didn't expect anything less from the fighter who managed to throw the ring into the fire of mt doom.

  • I’ve been watching for years, this is the best one I’ve seen what an awesome dude would love to meet him In person someday.

  • Really cool guy and even more so considering all the fame

  • Elijah Wood is a great man. Good episode. Lovin' this one.

  • Bad interview, he didn’t ask if he wore wigs

  • Hes cleaned the damn wings, even the fucking da bomb wow.

  • Oh its driving me mad trying to remember where I've heard that instrumental music. Edit: I figured out where I heard it, but not the name. ;-; ugg

  • Remember when he was “the guy” in spy kids 3

  • i still have a partial bottle of the first run of the last dab in my fridge. the OG sauce complete with certificate. dam i need some of the new last dab sauces

  • “It’s your birthday!” I fucking lost it 🤣

  • Why is Mr. Wood so incredibly enjoyable? I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  • Never knew Michael Keaton had a youthenizer machine. Worked well.

  • i looooooove elijah, he is just brilliant. great episode!!

  • goddam he so wholesome

  • No questions about his show Wilfred? That’s a bit disappointing, very underrated show.

  • He is truly one of the most authenticly decent people in Hollywood. A true example of what men can be regardless of all the horrible stigma about masculinity.

  • VAMPYR!!!

  • Man, I just love that he's a gamer, and his inputs and comments about games being made into movies, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and then some crazy ones such Grand Theft Auto are interesting concepts and ideas, as well as his opinions on the rhythm and levels of the hot sauces are wonderful, such a wonderful guest...

  • chilli can have a psychadelic affect. These guys are defo low key high at the end

  • Please, please PLEASE move Da Bomb to the 10 slot. I'm not the first to say this. Is it just stubbornness? The two "hottest" sauces after that are very anticlimactic. It's frustrating at this point. It would be like watching Ripley kill the Alien and then swat two mosquitos.

  • As someone who has watched this show from the very beginning, this is my favorite episode, bar none.

  • "3 fucking days"...ok...I like Elijah 😂

  • Elija Wood is such a good person

  • I bought the “Holy Trinity” box set, as I call it. Classic, Los Calientes, and Last Dab. They’re delicious, no lie.

  • Elijah Wood: wood have a beer with/10.