Emma Chamberlain Breaks Down Her Favorite Childhood Snacks of ALL Time | Snacked

Опубліковано 12 жов 2021
The only thing Emma Chamberlain loves as much as a good cup of coffee is a high-quality snack. On the season finale of Snacked, the UKblow phenom shows off some of her most beloved cookies, candies, dips, and chips. From Cheez-Its and Sour Punch Straws to RXBars and spicy hummus, the Chamberlain Coffee founder breaks down how her snacking habits have evolved from adolescence through adulthood.

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  • Thanks for an awesome season! Who do you want to see on Season 2 of Snacked?

    • idk but i need to see emma on hot ones pleaseeee with vegan wings

    • ohgeesy ! ⛄️

    • Not more tik tok people like this girl, that’s for sure. This girl is famous for pretty much just being “quirky tik tok UKblow girl.” Get more people like Snoop Dogg, maybe Justin Roiland, Shaq, Eric Andre, Cardi B if possible, Doja Cat, the list goes on. You should also get Nardwuar to come to Hot Ones.

    • Miley

    • Florence pugh

  • Who is Emma Chamberlain? Googles the name... Who is Emma Chamberlain?

  • Man I was really expecting some trader Joe's snacks lol

  • I love emma

  • I’m pretty sure the second snack are a form of chicharones… those are made from pig. Isn’t she vegan?? 😂

  • Rx bars are surprisingly really good

  • sabritones!!!! this. this is why I f**** with Emma!

  • Y’all chill it’s her fave childhood snacks not her curent fave snack a


  • It says childhood favorite snack not current favorite snack. Did y’all eat fruit all the time as a kid? Was it your favorite snack to eat nothing but blueberries at 10? No? Ok 🤫 shush there’s no betrayal, read the damn title

  • this girl is taking over the internet i swear

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/gYGnnJ_CfbS6ftI.html

  • Random white chick (not a celebrity or anyone interesting) talking about the first snacks they saw on the shelf? Pass.😂

  • I’m literally her

  • Dude love the Sabritones should out!!


  • Why was she bleeped at 0:29 and not 4:23?

  • For everyone wanting her to eat a bite of every single snack that’s a hugeeeee food waste, I’m sure she got to take all those items home and enjoy them as she wishes

  • what does emma chamberlain know about some sabritones 😏😏😏😏

  • when they censored the first swear word and then gave up afterwards

  • She looks like cid the sloth from ice age

  • emma es un hit

  • we should get her on here with sean!!!

  • Also loved madeleine cookies as a child. Also love Justin’s peanut butter cups. Also love rx bars *even though I feel like bars are a waste of calories*. 🤭 The more I watch Emma Chamberlain, the more I notice we have in common.

  • Why do you people feel the need to overanalyze every minor thing she does?? Chill out.

    • Because the only people who watch these videos unironically are obsessed weirdos.

  • Just here to add that Sabritones and Hot Fries are the best chip combo

  • In the intro/right after it would be a really good idea for some celebrities to say what they've done/do especially when they aren't a household name.

  • okay i tried the rx bar and it smelled good and tasted good but the texture is BAD

  • mexican snacks are the best period

  • No.

  • I can’t wait till Emma tried the spicy cheez itz they are amazing

  • She thought they would taste like Doritos at first now she mentions f NO if you go in thinking that lol she funny

  • We all love Emma

  • But she eats nothing of them

  • Omg i love sabritones. They’re fire. Also the sour punch straws

  • Anyone notice all the bleeps then the “emma, shut the fuck up” when she talks about her RXbars 😂

  • literally eating an RXBAR rn


  • Lol these videos remind me how I’m not that white inside, I like everything hot 🥵 Chile and lime on everything

  • Would have loved to hear her say "sabritones" the way she said cheese its and every other snack name lol

  • Tacos de sabritones is the best

  • watched this to see how she would pronounce sabritones and she completely avoided saying it lol

  • Very Nice Bro!

  • get someone to look at you the way Emma looks at Sabritones

  • enterview her on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Feels like someone picked her favorite snacks for her

  • I adore this woman

  • I remember some of these from her nostalgic foods vid from a few years back😫

  • My baby! ❤️

  • My baby’s favorite snacks!

  • The way I came here expecting to hear her say Sabritones but she didn’t… bummer

  • The VERY BEST cheez itz were the parmesan & garlic flavor..But they discontinued it..😔

  • the fact that she didn't mention any kind of fruit (specially berries) as her favorite snack feels like she's lying to us

    • facts rn i have i bowl next to me of grapes, oranges and chopped up apple (in small pieces cause i have braces) they’re so good

    • childhood snacks not adult snacksssss

  • Does she look like Timothée Chalamet to anyone?? No one?? Just me??... Okay...

  • did she dye her hair?

  • Did any other Mecican freak out when she pulled out the second snack? haha

  • Picked to see this just because it was suggested, since I'm subscribed to this channel. Was going meh! with the first few (yuk) snacks...until she hit the Madeleines (yum), and yes on the croissants comment...💜 the rest of the healthy snacks, yay hummus. 👍😋


  • a whole tub of spicy hummus and carrot sticks or chips is my working from home pandemic lunch about twice a month


    • brittany and her brown apple slices and chocolate chips

  • Invite #SnowThaProduct next ❗

  • Man she’s so fine

  • I don’t think I believe this. Was this video made to cover her eating disorder?

  • Leave the animals alone. #govegan stop the murder, stop the torture, save the animals, save the planet. animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. Get educated on the horrors you choose to silence: ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/paGix8zNsMnUm9I.html It's not JUST about the food you eat as a vegan, it's also about equality, saving the animals, and saving the planet. Peace, love, and good vibrations your way ☮️

  • The sales of all of these snacks are gonna go up after this I’m sure 😭

  • I love Emma’s videos they always put me in a great mood and seeing her success makes me happy so seeing her eat a tiny corner of the Sabritone upset me a lot. That isn’t normal and I hope she is okay.

  • Sabritones are swag

  • She has immaculate taste in things I can tell we have similar taste buds.. not EXACT bc I can't eat diarrhea hummus but similar 😉

  • love this vid. i wish emma would do a tier review list of snacks

  • Wait why is she not on hot ones ???

  • i love watching her shes so amazing

  • Sabritones being featured as her fav snack is iconic love them so much


  • Got to try the hot and spicy cheez its. Those are the best.

  • que risa que le gustan los sabritones ajjajajja la amo

  • I love her ugh


  • Soo I’m pretty sure she lives at Trader Joe’s as she gets older lol

  • hummus is so good though

  • so why is she famous

  • tfw cheezits are actually vile af. idk how people eat em without realizing they're foul.

  • So is Emma going to be on HOT ONES next because that would be amazing !!!

  • Estoy viendo el vídeo solo por los sabritones

  • She is so beautiful

  • That hummus looks amazing

  • We need Emma on hot ones!!!! :)

  • Let's gooo

  • Get Emma Chamberlain on Hot Ones!!!!!!!

  • dark chocolate is the superior chocolate

  • "healthy" versions of chips/crisps are disgusting. I once tried oven baked chips. They tasted like cardboard. I am not even exaggerating.

  • If i hear these one more time...

  • 3:21 I know right!? What the heck is up with people getting triggered by "moist".

  • Emma needs to be on Hot Ones!!!!

  • No idea who Emma Chamberlain is, but I love (and am appalled by) her nutrition...ha ha! I absolutely get that you need to get your mind right before eating "healthy" snacks. For example, Artic Zero is flavored frozen water..but with expectations set, it can actually taste adequate.

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/o6Rz29vWsMzZl6g.html /

  • You are my favourite snack 0-0

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/o6Rz29vWsMzZl6g.html /

  • If you're on a show about your favorite snacks and don't eat a single one. You might have a eating disorder.

    • @Atlas I'm just gonna give the benefit of the doubt here and assume she didn't want any, especially considering these are her favorite CHILDHOOD snacks, not current (except for the ones at the end). I used to have a lot of childhood favorites that I probably wouldn't eat now, either. Additionally, she made an entire podcast episode talking about how the assumptions people make about her & her mental health really upset her and drove her off of Tik Tok. Whether or not she's actually struggling (which is very possible considering she's an incredibly famous girl living in LA) these comments are only making it worse. Let's let the girl live in peace.

    • @Petya Todorova at any moment, during the whole vid, which takes hours to shoot. She almost looked afraid to open or consume a single extra calorie. Sick

    • @Petya Todorova she's spoken about having an ed before

    • or she just doesn't want any at the moment?

    • correct, it is upsetting

  • Fuk yeah, my kid eats thats shit all the time... But What Ever, Its GOOD !!!