Jon Bernthal Gets Punished By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Опубліковано 7 жов 2021
Jon Bernthal is an actor you know from films like Fury and Ford v Ferrari, as well as megahit TV shows like The Punisher and The Walking Dead. You can catch him this fall in the much buzzed-about King Richard on November 19th, as well as the Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark, in theaters and streaming on HBO Max now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Bernthal takes on the wings of death and discusses close encounters with Brad Pitt, the best boxing movies of all time, and much more.






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  • Like if you think Sean Evans must be protected at all costs. That first wing tried to do him dirty...

    • the Pun can handle the heat 🔥

    • I look at him and by golly sooo manly!!! Mmmhhmm

    • Put those earlobes away 😩


    • When will matpat join hot

  • Shane being a bad ass! :D

  • You know Jon was going to say "that doesn't even.....taste good" when eating Da Bomb....but he's such a nice guy he didn't want to put down the taste of the sauce.

  • Lowkey Sean is Nardwards distant relative with the way he words and researches his questions!

  • Great show!! Please bring in Salma Hayek, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds!

  • I love this guy. Great actor

  • You should get Robert Pattinson on here!

  • LOADS of Respect for this man!! Jon Bernthal is an insane actor and to see him as humble as he is, are just amazing! Hats off to him! 👌🏽

  • Invite Asa Akira

  • after watching this episode I feel as if I'm somehow friends with Jon. Such a cool humble guy.

  • Enjoyed the interview, loved that Jon was asking Sean questions too....being considerate and eating the whole wing....good job. :)

  • "How are you talking, bro? like... how are you ffffuc.." LMFAO! Bernthal is one of the actors carrying the torch for this generation. he's a real one.

  • A celebrity that actually knows (and spoke out publically) wtf they are talking about when it comes to dogs! Especially Patti's that people know nothing about. So many people treat their dogs like actual babies(in strollers!) and there are all these ankle biters running around because people are idiots and shouldn't have animals. I just wish he would have shamed all the people that got lockdown animals and now are literally tossing them outside for abandonment..making all the shelters and rescues COMPLETELY overrun with animals. ticks me off. Obviously

  • Lets all agree, this is the best interview of all youtube in at least the last 5 years, lets give it up for Sean and all the amazing guest who really reveal their true selfs in the wrath of the wings of death!

  • Jon you nailed it my friend 👌

  • My love for this man keeps soaring. What a class act

  • Jon seems to be the nicest man, I'm so thankful that he got the part of the Punisher, it's my favorite Marvel character.

  • punisher in the best series in history, bring it back

  • Loved it !! 28 minutes show looking like 5 minutes, Sign of a good show !!

  • Did anyone else think that he took the hottest wing first? Lol

  • what a great episode, cheers

  • Great interview!

  • Hollywood is one big Satanic cult. They are all the most fake turds on the planet. This is no exception.

  • Love Jon Bernthal. He has that old school, no bullshit vibe to him

  • I wonder if the movie about the Williams Brothers is going to include the part about how they were actually boys?

  • i need him

  • …..”should we do two?” Lmaoooooo

  • Goodness, ive always loved job’s outgoingness. Like the way he talks and the energy he puts out is so fresh. It makes me smile so easily. He’s also an EXTREMELY talented actor. And i had no idea his southern accent was fake in TWD. He played that well omg

  • Get Elon Musk in there now.

  • 14:25 now that's a real man right there.

  • Do you know how much your views would go up!!! There are thousands of theorists! Please!

  • Come on just invite mat pat already!


  • 13:34 Bernthal's comments on masculinity is so spot on! Real dude right there.

  • what a pleasant fucking man

  • I always wonder if anyone accidentally got some down the windpipe. Nice recovery.

  • Whoever disliked this video… who are you? Hahhaha this dude is a living legend and a breath of fresh air of how genuine and humble someone can be

  • 13:35 did not expect that wow i loved what he had to say.. guess i shouldn’t judge an actor by their roles lol

  • Pretty sure EVERYONE fell in love with him after this interview

  • the concern when Sean dies on the first wing...jeezzzzzz...

  • Jon bernthal…., the most popular / unpopular actor. Love this guy tho!

  • John Bernthal ROCKS !

  • this dude is best celeb that actualy took up challange

  • I think I'm in love with him

  • Its so weird going from the Joey Diaz interview to this one.

  • Choking is no fun because I've been there.. I'm glad you didn't choke.. That's some serious stuff.


  • The Punshier getting Punished. Classic.

  • My top 5 favorite episode for sure. Jon is just a genuine and charismatic guy hands down. Totally unrelated, but would love to see Vera Farmiga on the show!

  • All I can think of is The Punisher when I see him lmao

  • Jon, I have been rescuing Pitbulls my whole life had 7 of them love that breed they need to accept the dog and not the breed and the government needs to also

  • Wise Words Jon 👏

  • Hehehe he, he said...

  • Jon is the best!!!!!

  • small engine is good af ... just when you think is not going anywhere ... boom it slaps you right in the face

  • I love this show,it brings out the "Real" actor, celebrity, musician or artist. Jon by far my favorite actor, shit by far my favorite guest they've had on this show.

  • This was one of my favorite shows u guys did. Jon is such a good humble dude. Best punisher ever.

  • I think eating the whole wing is the better idea... if you just nibble, all you get is the sauce.

  • I love how Jon goes from "holy moly!" to "mother fucker!". Hot sauce removes your filter lol.

  • 22:50 thought this man was pouring water into his milk. That’d be some next level wing extinguishing

  • Jon: Am I aloud to curse? Dude you been cursing for the past 7 wings 😂😂 Jon is AWESOME!

  • Spicy is not his bag baby!

  • Got my own season 16 kit today and eating with you guys, Holy shit this is hot, but so awsome, greetings from Norway!

  • Just a real good dude

  • nickmercs would be best friends with jon

  • I don’t know John from any movies or anything but I’m absolutely invested in this man now. Just a real humble dude.

  • GET damson idris ON THE SHOW

  • Best former Ghost Recon member hands-down🔥🔥🔥

  • I agree with everything this man has said... except playing catcher, that shit sucks! Definitely time for a movie about Joe Louis!

  • Jon is such a chill dude. He’s one of those famous people like Bill Burr or Michael Rapaport that just fit in with normal people.

  • Loved him

  • Sean gave me a heart attack, I thought this man was ganna choke to death 4 a sec ( 0_0) (edit to add) I HATED Jon as Shane in TWD, like I didn't care enough to even know about him as a person bcuz of that roll. But after this interview I love him as a person. He is so thoughtful with his answers and seems so freaking nice. I'm blown away at how he speaks & am now going to watch all the movies he is in.

  • Super humble guy...

  • Fucking love this guy

  • Sean nearly broke

  • This is one of the best ones

  • Sean's drip is unmatched in this episode.

  • I think these interviews do a lot for the actors who show up here. It shows us all who they really are deep down. Such a wholesome episode. Keep up the good work Sean and Team

  • I really disliked this guy mainly from walking dead i know that's not a great thing to pick. Its good to see someone in a different bad opened my eyes.


  • Bring Tom Hardy :3

  • I didn't know I wanted to see Frank Castle on Hot Ones until I actually saw it😂 this might be my second favourite Hot Ones interview behind Paul Rudd



  • Holy shit!….. what a nice guy.

  • What good people

  • When the sauce goes down the wrong hole

  • bring lebron james!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s like Jon doesn’t realize how big of a celebrity he is. He’s just a guy whose job is acting.

    • Jon throughout the show: Cursing like a sailor* Also Jon 3/4ths of the way through the show 21:13 : "Am I aLoWdEd To CuRsE?"

  • read this Jon, glad I had my first Whopper with you.

  • He played a pretty damn good frank castle.

  • that's my Punisher

    • Just finished the first season and oh my he get into hot ones love the guy

  • We breaks official spice king here

  • Imagine firs we feast with KEANU REEVES

  • I could imagine Jon bernthal in a autobiography of Dan bilzarian.

  • Knew this was gonna be in my top 10 as soon as I saw the thumbnail

  • You should have Chris Boswell of the Pittsburgh Steelers on as your next guest. You can talk about being separated at birth.

  • I recognize this manssss…. I will revenge weaver…. WALKER

  • Is this the guy from walking dead

  • He such a coo ass dude lol loved him since TWD. Such a great actor. ❤️