Sean Evans Tackles Season 15 Controversies and Answers Fan Questions | Hot Ones

Опубліковано 19 сер 2021
Hot Ones Season 15 is in the bag-and what a season it’s been! The return to studio! The star-packed lineup! The emergence of a second table! A lot has happened, and as always, the spice lords have questions. Watch as Sean Evans checks in from the Hot Ones Museum of Curiosities for some important show updates, revealing personal disclosures, and much more.







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  • You know the drill: Who do you want to see on Season 16?

    • Michael C hall

    • Sean needs to get Harry Mack on here. His flows would be fire like these hot wings.

    • Ryan Reynolds and John cena

    • Matthew Patrick of Game Theory, Film Theory, AND FOOD THEORY WHO DID A WHOLE EPISODE ON YOU!!!!

    • James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Lzzy Hale, Dave Grohl

  • "I'm old, I remember my super NES xmas" Fk off! I remember my zx spectrum xmas 😂

  • Sean is my favorite interviewer in any media! 🌶️😅

  • Any famous twitch streamer in the show WOULD BE GREAT

  • I'll say this like many others Matpat would love to be on this show and I think you should really consider him!!

  • You should get Pat McAfee on this show !!

  • Why not one 6 foot table?

  • Remember -- the happy feeling you get knowing what you bring to us is reciprocal of how you make us feel! Thank YOU. :)

  • If you are waffling on the idea of two tables, consider using a long rectangular table that approximates the same distance as the two-table setup.

  • You should do Biden...and what the hell..Trump too. Seriously.

  • honestly...any dude enters this with a friend and he taps out, he deserves a couple free hits. Wall of shame. This show is known.

  • Just one table bro

  • Oh good, I was worried that there was controversy I cared about. This was much more pleasant. Thanks Y’all!


  • The two table also allows for bigger groups to be added comfortably into the set.

  • lol the Shonda Rhimes line, loved it

  • bring back one table but just buy yall a bigger table

  • You guys should bring on peter McKinnon from UKblow. He's a film maker/creator and has a huge personality. I think he would make for a great episode.

  • A N D R E W Y A N G

  • Ah, the NES Christmas is my absolute favorite. I was so happy when I got that first console.


  • You name dropped Dave Chappelle, you need him as a guest!

  • I like the wall of shame experiment lol

  • Here’s the solution bro: have a special super hot sauce that they can choose to conquer and if they do make a wall of champions instead

  • Have you guys thought about just buying a wider table?

  • I see that NWO reference

  • Did you just ask the internet to behave?

  • 1 long table...done

  • Lmao anybody else rewind the "I'm old as fuck" part multiple times? That was hilarious to see him break away from his usual devoted professionalism

  • 1:02 " ooh that's really hot, mate"

  • Always a pleasure watching your show, hope you go forever

  • But have you ever run the Hot Ones gauntlet... on shrooms, man?

  • James Roday season 16

  • Don't call if the wall of flame like a couple people who are trying to manipulate your show have said. The name is stupid and misses the point entirely. Not only that but the wall of flame sounds like a good thing where the best guests, people who devoured the wings and were genuinely interesting, should go.

  • The fact that the Wall of Shame was ever taken away is what's shameful. If you're too soft to have a wall of shame for people who fail the challenge then you're the one who's truly shameful. This right here is why the rest of the world thinks Americans are weak. It's because of people like you.

  • Rent a warehouse for one season, and just keep adding tables until the end of the season.

  • How about Sean Evans interviewing himself

  • please get Nardwuar on the show x

  • You should bring Tomy Lee or Nikki Sixx

  • LA Beast ! Get him on your show!!! He 100% deserves it!

  • I would love to see Lady Gaga and Bailey Sarian on Hot Ones!!!

  • 2:46 You and Joey Diaz are like 6 inches away from each other's face?

  • 8:45 I love that even camera guy Bill won't take a sip of that piss water beer. Let's just do the advert and get this over with...

  • I can't believe people can make a controversy out of nothing. That wall of shame is meant to be funny and people have to make it politically incorrect. Give me a break. People have to whine about everything.

  • Ben Shapiro and kosher wings, that would be hilarious!

  • joe rogan

  • Stay tf away from me if THIS show triggers your delicate sensibilities

  • Id say go with the Fat guy’s idea of calling it the “Wall of Flame”

  • Instead of two tables, how about... A bigger table?

  • Charles Barkley.LeBron James, Kenny Mayne, Keith Olbermann, Jemele Hill. Big Fish Mark Cuban.

  • Call it the wall of flames.

  • Sean to me is like Rogan in that they are both great interviewers who look weird sitting without a table in front them. 😁😁

  • I wonder who is on next season and why you create the sauces. Good advert, people are waking up though. How long will these cheap adverts last do you think?

  • Get bob odenkirk on, nobody was so good. Same w him playing Saul in breaking bad and better call Saul.

  • Would LOVE to see Swedish House Mafia be on the show, since they have an album coming out this year!

  • Adam Sessler/anyone at G4 MatPat

  • In other words, they scrapped the hall of shame because some of the fans are complete assholes.

  • You know who we would really want to see Matt Pat, you know the guy from film theory and game theory and so forth, he keeps making videos about wanting to be on the show.

  • Screw controversies this is a good show stop being so bored people.

  • You know you can get a single longer table

  • CT from The Challenge

  • Have a rectangle tabe

  • Cardi B Brendan Fraser Katt Williams omg PLEASE sir Dave Chappelle Robert Downey Jr Bob the Drag Queen the wit would HIT could you imagine the banter people?

  • I would love to see a youtuber season

  • The tapouts are some of my favourite episodes.

  • Instead of wall of shame, why not do wall of fame, for those who manage to go through all the wings and without drinking of any kind.

  • i want to see Jordan Petersen

  • The wall of shame is their those who act like shaq or Paris Hilton. When they touch their tongue to the wing or just there teeth. Even I have seen Sean pretend to eat a wing in several of his videos. He put a piece of red licorish in his mouth. It was pretty bad, cause I could see him doing it on the uploaded video of his show. Sean has the wrong idea of the wall of shame. Even in food challenges at restaurants. They to have a wall of shame for not completing the challenge. Sean has forgotten that the stars and celebrities still finish the interview, even after they go onto the wall of shame. Some people even tried to redeem themselves in another season.

  • @MrBeast needs to do an interview.

  • I want to interview you on your show!!!! Let's get this locked in

  • Get Dom and Billy the LOTR actors on. They've started a podcast recently.

  • Never seen Sean act like himself. Been watching for years lol

  • Very smart guy👍

  • get TimTheTatMan!

  • You should have a long table

  • Sean, You have stars on your show but you should consider yourself as co-star because your questions are stellar.

  • 2 table format is much better

  • Has elon musk already been on hot ones? If he hasn’t, will he?

  • Just ditch the wall of shame. You're interviewing people under pressure, there's no reason to shame people for trying. The toxicity of the internet will never stop, and a wall of shame will just egg it on.


  • two table is definitely worse, the implicit intimacy due to the distance allows the interviewee to open up more and improves the show aesthetically.

  • I would love to see some of the guys from Dude Perfect on herr

  • Giving the Internet the option is never a good idea

  • I want to see Justin Roiland on here so badly if not him then Seth Macfarlane

  • Its your show dude dont put anything in our court of course they'll ruin it for ya lmao 😂

  • Season 15? This is not the 15th season

  • I always felt the wall of shame was all in good humor, i'm sad that others felt differently. I also like the 2 table setup, if it improves the overall experience, why not stick with it. I'm gald to see you guys continue to grow in support 👍 Also, I'd love to see Anthony Kiedis on the show!

  • I just recently found this out and watched a couple videos. I just now realized that you had two different table setups.

  • I like the way he says "some of tha more" at 3:11

  • We need brett baker back for another episode!

  • Okay weird pick but honestly? Matpat. Why not.

  • continue to break the stuffy barrier and go directors? yorgos lanthimos, david lynch, gaspar noe, denis villeneuve, brandon or david cronenberg, nicolas winding refn, iain Forsyth and jane pollard, coen brothers, quentin tarantino, taika waititi, guillermo del toro... too many cool ones to list.

  • Put snoop dogg on hit ones

  • Have more international guest on hot ones

  • Get Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki on!

  • Alice Cooper is always a great interviewee.

  • would love to see dev patel!

  • Vivica A Fox

  • They tried “the bomb” on pasta 🍝

  • How many seasons in before you felt like you didn’t have to dig yourself out of that hole during the interview anymore? Or at least which season when you felt things starting to turn to the good side of things?