Sean Evans Taste-Tests Classic Regional Burgers | Burger Scholar Sessions

Опубліковано 6 вер 2021
Hot Ones host Sean Evans taste-tests classic regional burgers in George Motz's kitchen. It's the FWF crossover event we've all been waiting for! First up-the horseshoe burger from Sean's home state of Illinois. It's an open-faced hamburger sandwich topped with fries and drizzled with cheese sauce. To top it off, George makes a super-spicy green chile cheeseburger from New Mexico, with a bit of Last Dab for good measure. Can the Burger Scholar handle the heat from Spice Lord Sean Evans? It's a circus act you don't wanna miss.






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  • Like if you want to see Motz on Hot Ones

  • Wow. First video I've seen of this George guy, and I wanna be his best friend. Goofy, cusses as much as I do, and seems like a mostly stable coke addict.

  • 10:15 George has turned the exact same shade of bright burning pink as his flamboyant shirt

  • If it's one thing I learned on this show. Butter helps.

  • God, I hope they went out for beers after this. They earned it.

  • Never seen Sean get spiced out before😹

  • Shawn we “Cáñelo Alvarez”

  • The horseshoe burger would explain why in France we have a sandwich called the American, usually it's two steaks with fries in half a baguette

  • When that toast came up 😂😂

  • Geeez Sean, you kept it as cool as possible with George- but when the heat goes in, all cool goes out the window ;D Sean said it: What a idiot-experience. Right after George pretended to take a "last dab" bite and "almost died", and Sean had to fake his empathy. He put the dab on the far right side, but bites the far left, ok the burger Is spicy, but after all the cirkus agts and shenanigans Sean was put through...

  • D'arcy's pint in Springfield has a great horseshoe

  • I can't stop laughing at George's reaction to The Last Dab because that's EXACTLY how I react to anything spicy 😂

  • George would not last past the 2nd wing!

  • The last dab has some ass to it, but I was impressed by how tasty it was.

  • MrMotz you never disappoint ! Thanks for opening this window to the burger world !

  • This guy hurting himself again! It is like watching Jack Ass if Jack Ass was unplanned.

  • This burger reminds me of a burger I had in Chile that used a bunch of diced green chilis in a little pepper salad like that. It was so hot but I just couldn't stop eating hahaha. This is so nostalgic for me...


  • 10:34 it's the fats that helps to cut down the spice. That's why milk (REAL milk, not that 2% garbage) helps too, it's all about the fats.

  • oh shit! that's hot

  • 🤣NICE AWES0ME C00L _ 🍨 VIEW *_ *

  • Can't explain it, but I have sexual tension with 7:18

  • I've got to give a shout out to Motz because he has helped me discover good regional burgers on my travels. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have had the Nut Burger in Butte nor the Green Chile Cheeseburger when I drove through New Mexico. Now if I drive through Illinois again I know what I'm stopping to get.


  • Had my first horseshoe at Darcy’s pint in Springfield fell in love at first bite but I live 5 hours away, luckily a place opened up within delivery range of me called the Stagecoach Eatery and now I can have a horseshoe anytime I please no hassle.

  • Alton Brown drank cream when he was on Hot Ones.

  • So ham is the horse shoe, the fries are the nails, what does the cheese represent?😲

  • George- the difference is I did 40-50 of these on Saturday soooo Sean- Really?....what?

  • the color of his face actually matches his shirt but imagine if Sean gave him the Last Dab Pepper X ?

  • Cheese sauce recipe?

  • Is a Hot Ones episode with sliders for the burger scholar in the works?

  • shout to Carl's Drive In

  • you both turned the same color as the meat!

  • Are you seriously he doesn’t how to cooking ?

  • Sean looking a little shredded here.

  • peanut butter helps as well.

  • I have serious doubts of sean being a human. I think all the spice he consumes has burnt his insides and his soul. He kinda reminds me of an advanced humanoid because of his speech tone and absolutely no expression on his face.

  • Your toasting your buns to soon man also try a little butter on those buns.

  • Shoops makes good burgers Au cheval holds the crown 👑 more expensive too.

  • #505

  • After the Mac episode this has to be the second best one haha

  • George is such a great host, it makes me wish I had more of his enthusiasm for burgers.

  • It looks like you're drinking skim milk. That's basically water. LOL

  • Hamburger Joe

  • Should of put bread on top and eat it like a burger with fries inside :)

  • I know you put Worcestershire and other ingredients in the sauce but didn't say what the cheese was

  • George looks amazing for a man in his late sixties.

  • Why don't you do the ISLAK BURGER from KIZILKAYALAR in ISTANBUL? Try it!

  • Please have George on hot ones

  • Sean looks like a different person here for some reason, He looks like a mix between Jason Statham and James McAvoy.

  • you should check out the Horseshoe Pizza.... What even is life?

  • Looks tasty though. George looks like Knoxville’s brother

  • Love it all Except the crap burgers

  • You should try a NUWAY from the original restaurant in Wichita KS it predates the White Castle burger (which also began life in Wichita)

  • You keep doing these adorable hatch chili burgers. Now instead of casually mentioning 'oh, they grow in southern Colorado too', come to Pueblo and eat a Slopper.

  • How much coke was involved in making this video?

  • I don't care if George thinks he's not popular enough, he needs to be on Hot Ones anyways. The human embodiment of chaotic-good and so entertaining. Switch it up and have him eat sliders instead of wings.

    • I´m sure he would choke or something worse- don´t put the poor man through that

    • Love this idea !

  • The horseshoe was missing 😵

  • Mmmm looks tasty!!

  • Make a double Luther burger. Burger in a glazed doughnut.

  • Must be pretty hot in the Motz house for Sean not to wear a hoodie

  • today is cook some burgers day, binging George to find what i wanna do! :D

  • I wish i would see behind the scenes toking footage.

  • YES TO THE MOTZMEISTER ON HOT ONES!!! AMAZING GUY!! He taught this Englishman how to finally make great burgers, instead of the crap that my wrong spelling namesakes punt out every day 😁

  • i love burgers and this show has to be one of my fav things. unfortunatelly in my city we dont have anything special in terms of burger restaurants, but, there is this old guy with a liitle corner burger shop that makes the best burgers in town if not all the region. He makes some very unique burgers, two of which are 1) the beach boys with bacon, cream cheese, smoked cheese and peach jam which i love and 2) the strawberry field with bacon green salad, a regional greek white cheese and you guessed it, strawberry jam and pattys of course. give these a try

  • Love how George matched jos shift colour by the end.

  • Where can one procure that smashula?

  • Love this content and character! Thank you.

  • Damn the horse shoe shout out to Springfield.

  • that first one reeaaally stretches the definition of the word burger

  • Sean: I-L-L Me: I-N-I

  • i'm gonna need a Horseshoe ASAP

  • Randomly says “ Welsh Rarebit” when he gets the cheese? 🤣

  • C'mon "scholar"... that's not even close to a real Illinois Horseshoe.

  • 505

  • George (smashing a burger): The difference is... I did... four hundred and fifty of these on Saturday. Sean (can't tell if he's joking): Really? (realizes he's not joking) What?

  • There was a hair in the cheese sauce

  • He turned the same colour as his shirt. Hehehe

  • I grew up in New Mexico, and it's so nice to see you use Hatch chili. A personal favorite of mine is Cervantes red chili sauce. It's rich and smokey with decent spiciness, and I put that shit on everything. Eggs, quesadillas, nachos, cheese fries, wings, and even as a steak marinade. Try making an open face cheeseburger and topping it with red chili sauce, enchilada style, I promise it works.

  • My GOD but I miss New Mexico green chiles, as well as the classic cheeseburger! You made my day when you made that one, PLUS you got the extra hot chiles! YOU'RE the man!

  • With the amount of milk they drink on these shows how is it they never had Kurt Angle on the show... We want him... OH ITS TRUE... ITS...

  • For the love of god, please get George on Hot Ones.

  • Looks great, I made a burger video in Thailand yesterday 👍

  • seans look when he said he did 450 of these on saturday..........but y

  • George Motz, burger dad. I bet that cheese sauce is bussin.

  • poor motz

  • Sean Evan’s is Justin Timberlakes bald brother

  • Motz is a national treasure!

  • I love burgers, George and Sean this is perfect.

  • Amazing cooking food, very nice video i like you my friend please help me share like thanks

  • Holy lord! Get George on Hot Ones!!! I don’t care how not famous he is!

  • George straight up turned as red as his shirt!

  • 2:12 visible hair in the cheese sauce bottom mid left of the spoon.

  • The fluffy anethesiologist namely wish because lumber empirically hunt circa a redundant adapter. thin, humorous passive

  • man this guy is so annoying, how can you be so fucking clumsy

  • I love how the mohock on Seen's head on 1:31

  • i like how they say the cheese sauce is the real deal. there must be a ton a of fake cheese in america XD

  • Burger me!

  • Motz is such a fucking madman. I love this dude. 😂

  • George covered in butter and sweat by the end of this is great