Tinashe Breaks Down International Chip Flavors | Snacked

Опубліковано 24 сер 2021
Tinashe is a chart-topping singer, songwriter, and dancer-but she's also one of the music industry's most passionate potato chip obsessives. On this episode of Snacked, the "333" singer travels the globe via her taste buds by sampling some of the world's most interesting chip flavors. From Canada's ketchup-infused Cheetos, to Japan's takoyaki-flavored Pringles, Tinashe will see if any of these international snack items can compete with her beloved classic Lay's.






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    • I'm here.

    • @847 you must be living in the 90s if you don't know Tinashe

    • Who is she ?

    • @Superdragon not a clue

    • Ketchup cheetos?! How does the FDA allow it?!

  • Tinashe!!! I love you! 💚💚💚 Saw her twice on her 333 Tour, which is 3 shows from being over 😭

  • god she's a gorgeous being

  • What the heck, how were these flavors even chosen?! There are so many chip flavors that are better than these! Like honey butter from Japan--also WHY PRINGLES?! You need to get Calbee if you're gonna get chips in Japan.

  • Guyz wanna great chips with taste, its in Latvia( country in Europe)

  • Ok who disliked this vid? Everytime I see her face it feels unreal like how can someone look so perfect. She's the whole package.

  • Shoulda gave her some scissors for those bags

  • 333 is 10/10 for me

  • tinashe is the best snack in this video

  • It's hard for me to trust a person whose favorite chip is the classic lays... But then it's hard for me not to like a person who hates ketchup - Tinashe plays both ways and messes my moral compass in more ways than one.

  • You need to try some Lay's Patatje Joppie flavor

  • This girl bugged

  • did she just put half a chip back in the bag???? GUUUUURRRRLLLLL

  • She looks a lot like Phoebe Buffay in the early seasons ♥️

  • She's so fine

  • She’s the truth

  • 28 years old and using words like “sus” to describe ketchup cheetos…

  • She was my celebrity crush when I was in high school she still bad asfff!!!

  • the way she said "i'm right here, hey" got me blushingggg omg

  • she lost me when she said lays classic was a 10/10

  • Who is she?

  • Her music and her basic lays choices are just that, Basic.

  • She is absolutely gorgeous 😍😍

  • Salted egg are the best chips

  • Did us dirty Lays ketchup chips are the only good ketchup flavoured thing we have

  • 😍😍2 ON

  • cheetos are considered chips?I

  • Who in the world opens chips that way It must be a glitch wrong tina

  • what's with all these seafood chips?

  • When she said she doesn't like cheetos she went way down in my estimations XD

  • Wheres the Taytos? Best crisps/chips in the world.

  • It looks like amazing

  • Where the Mexican chips @

  • Tinashe need to make eric Andre a tagline 😭🤣🔥

  • I literally hate this it could taste amazing but she would only give this a 2 if it said pig ear

  • Yea pick the blandest taste bunds to represent around the world seasoning aight

  • "Tinashe where you at!!" Only the OG's know.

  • all over the world or just chips from asia?

  • She so fine

  • Okay saying that the standard lays (there called walkers in the UK) is like calling cornflakes your favourite cereal, your obviously just basic af lol

  • SHE is hired to taste potato chips? She's so unprofessional, just talks about what she tastes, Gees

    • this isn’t her job lmao shes a musician who was asked to come in and taste them

  • This content market is overplayed, and I feel that her personality could be used with a better subject. No dig at her, rather a dig at whoever decided that this scripted nonsense would be beneficial to her or the channel. Move away from the scripted nonsense and commercial sway. FWF you have produced some amazing content, but your producers need to fight the execs and focus on what brought you to where you're at. No hate, but an honest opinion. Keep trying new things FWF, but this is not it... not her fault.

  • eww

  • She so fine ⛷

  • Her part in the original version of Travis Scott's "Never Catch Me" was amazing. I wish she collaborated more with him.

  • has no taste palate. There are also many other brands other then lays around the world 1/10 review

  • my fuckin pinkie toe knows more about snacks than this teenager I never heard of

  • Lay’s classic chips aren’t a 10 in my opinion. They’re too salty for my liking but they’re at least a 7, maybe 8

  • River snail flavor ?!? That sounds disgusting lol

  • How much hot can a single chip be? Eat the whole pack to feel it.

  • ketchup cheetos? Where in Canadian do these exist?

  • She’s really not fun to watch is she?

  • Who is she ??? You guys really need help

  • How do you not like ketchup 🤯

  • Need more representation from India on Snacked!

  • 3:04 cutest thing I've ever heard in my life

  • Look at what Ben Simmons is missing out on poor guy☠️☠️😐 she's sooo gorgeous, how could he make that stupid decision to let her go😒😐

  • Love how Tinashe acknowledges Eric Andre’s famous meme.

    • @Frank Miranda i know what shes referencing yeah, im just saying what makes that a "meme" ? idk i think im old

    • @microwavedmeows 5:49 TINASHE, WHERE YOU AT?!

    • is that a meme? what makes it a meme? lol

  • Y'all need to get a strong man on this channel

  • Lays are delicious unless you're allergic to corn, main ingredient after potatoes is corn oil. Sorry I have to go with Old Dutch Ripple chips or Boulder kettle chips using olive oil.

  • every time tinashe opens her mouth i have to change my pants

  • Anyone else have no idea who this is?

  • Sus 2:41

  • Who?

  • Canda should have maple syrup cheetos

  • KETCHUP FLAVORED CHEETOS!?... What dumbasd thought of that? Next thing you're gonna tell me there's a Mustard flavor Doritos

  • People avidly watch this? Who cares

  • there's some merit to giving the OG lays a high score, but there's no way the rest of these chips were ranked that low in terms of just flavor.

    • That's the thing, Lays classics should never be ranked highest, they're the gold standard of a snack being bog standard. Right in the middle and most widely accepted.

  • This girl is so $tupid

  • Another commercial

  • There’s a river in south eastern India that has a distinctive raw sewage smell. Lay’s Magic Masala potato chips (also from India) tastes like the river smells. The strange part: it grows on you.

    • It is shit, you wanna buy a toothbrush?

  • This whole time I’ve never ever actually heard her name out loud, and I literally thought it was pronounced “Tina, she” 🤣

  • If I picture a goddess in my head it would look exactly like tinashe

  • I'm going to assume she watches Anime

  • How can you beat classic Lay's? Literally anything, it's just salt flavour fam. Is that just me? Also loved the vid :)

    • @BixbyConsequence I mean yes, but that's like saying you don't need to season food cause it already has some flavour

    • Potato is a flavor.

  • Wow. Worst reviews ever. Lays is a 10?!?!??! WTF

  • Get us more of this

  • god she's TOO cute

  • She really the snack though

  • Those Korean Cheetos are one of the best snacks hands down. Also regular plain lays is def not 10/10

    • 10/10 based on OG nostalgia I guess 🤷. .. But after 30+ years of eating them... I can honestly say I have never eaten JUST ONE 🤔

  • I feel that the only way for First We Feast to show us they are all in on "Snacked" is to bring on Noah Galuten as a host.

  • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/eoKWvd7Qj5mzfc4.html ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/eoKWvd7Qj5mzfc4.html

  • As a mexican I'm like where's the Valentina/tapatío and Limon and if you're from the motherland Worcester sauce

    • The motherland as in britain lol?

  • Love her but she has a horrible palette. Who gives plain chips a 10/10 ?????

  • You're whacked. Ketchup chips are the best chip flavor going. You need to try true ketchup not those Cheetos BS. Nobody in Canada eats those

  • Stop disrespecting Canada. All Dressed or get out

  • Should of had her try British crisps/chips.

  • Gross. Who tf are you

  • so is she gonna let eric get her pregnant

  • I love me some chips

  • Hiiii pls invite Kathryn Hahn at Hot Ones i’m begging 😭😭😭❤️

  • Ketchup Cheetos P.M. approved rating 0.

  • You forgot India!!!!


  • What's up ladbible

  • Look how this stupid women is trying her best to make chips eating "CLASSIC". 😂😂

  • *Kinda wish I could interview each person who hits dislike on videos.*

  • She's so cute I loved this!! Everyone listen to 333 🤍

  • Literally watching a snack eat a snack rn

  • Tinashe is so f***in beautiful, it’s stupid